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Why High Altitude Roasting?

At altitude there is lower oxygen and pressure which allows for a gentler roasting process so you get more of the coffee’s natural flavors in your cup.

These advantages enable us to offer one of the most complex French Roasts you’ll ever taste!

We specialize in retailing only the finest coffees available that are roasted high in the Colorado Rockies. Our store features a variety of whole bean Arabica coffees perfectly roasted to help you start your day. Welcome to our site. We are sure you will find a specialty coffee to suit your palate.

“Why do I drink coffee? Well, how else will I be able to climb an aspen tree?!”
- Ryan, Colorado Mountain Coffee Co-Founder

Recent Blog Posts

A Spot of Tea

By: Ryan Wagner

My background as a tea drinker has been rather sporadic. On again, off again. Never fully committing to tea I would always lean towards coffee, my more familiar beverage. Years ago, I drank many a cup of supermarket tea, primarily for the health benefits. Green tea mostly. I didn't particularly enjoy the taste - it was usually bitter and the overall steeping process seemed more of an obligation than a celebration of flavor.

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Mount Democrat, Trip Report for 8/4/12

By: Ryan Wagner

You’ll be up there before you know it and if you’re lucky like me, there may be a guy giving out free watermelon at the summit. 

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Enjoy Hot Summers with Ice Cold Coffee

By: David Richards

The weather is warming up (albeit temporarily) and soon summer will be upon us. To help combat the heat and enjoy your back patio during the blazing hot summer an iced coffee drink can't be beat. Both delicious and refreshing, this is a great way to wake up make the most of an afternoon outside.

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